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Add useful bots to WhatsApp without much hassle


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QeuBot is a new and legal way to add bots to WhatsApp without complicated configuration processes or the necessity of adding third party contacts. Basically, it's an application that you can add to your Android device that will automatically add a series of new features to the official client.

All the new features can be used in any individual or group conversation. To use any of them, enter a search parameter followed by an @ with the command in question. For example, if you want to search for images of cats, you can write 'cats @pics' without the quotation marks and get instant results.

QeuBot features include: searching on Wikipedia, a calculator, a news search, getting IMDb tags from a movie name, an animated gif search on Giphy, images from Bing, the current weather in a certain city from Forecast, and horoscopes.
How to add WhatsApp bots with qeuBot

WhatsApp always seems to come late to the game but it never matters. Given its gigantic user base it can allow itself the luxury of adding features long after its indirect competitors like Telegram or Facebook Messenger have done so. Bot is one of those things. While the competition has already hyper-integrated this type of features, it still hasn't officially arrived to WhatsApp, and the few third-party options require you to add some frankly shady phone numbers. qeuBot goes another direction, offering a series of useful features on WhatsApp just by installing a small app. And best of all, it's legal, free, and requires neither root permissions nor complicated setup processes.
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